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Anyone Know Some Good Reads?


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Im just starting out and pretty much just a script kiddie... but i'd like to work up to get rid of that title. So! Anyone know some good reads on various hacking techniques? Id like to expand my knowlege on exploits and other kinds of attacks. Im currently taking a networking course for a ccna cert. So that might also help a bit

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I can't think of any books off the top of my head... However it depends really on where you want to go... I think a good place to start would be to get a copy of BackTrack to play with and read up on how the tools work. In doing so you might learn a thing about the (in)securities of technology. aside from that I'd say look for reading material on Penetration Testing.

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I can't remember any good books from the top of my head. But there are certainly good websites where you can watch videos on exploits or related topics




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+1 on the CEH books.....except for the official EC-Council study guide one (which sucks), most all of the Certified Ethical Hacker books will give you a nice grounding in not just exploits and tools, but usually cover some of the concepts of networking, the TCP/IP stack, and other key concepts. But since you're studying for CCNA, I'm sure you've got the OSI model coming out of your ears.

Another good book often used for CEH study is the Hacking Exposed series.

Also, as harrison hinted at, a knowledge of programming is essential. You don't have to be fluent in programming languages or a crazy code ninja (though it certainly does help you A LOT), you have to at least be able to read and understand written code. C is a great place to start, since it'll also help to better understand C++, C#, Objective C, Java, etc. etc. etc. Ruby (Metasploit's language of choice) and Python are also good choices; I'm currently trying to expand my knowledge of both.

Though for C, if you're really green to programming, I'd start off with something like Absolute Beginner's Guide to C or a similar novice book first and then the official Kernighan & Ritchie book.

Keep playing with Backtrack and maybe pick up some books on Linux and Unix administration. Shell scripting is another nice skill to have.

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