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Karma On Pineapple V2 Doesn't Work

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Last week I received the Pineapple version 2 which I orderd at the Hak5 shop. I connected it with a networkcable to a Windows XP laptop and changed the SSID and configured ICS so I can do a man in the middle. Everythink works OK when the clients manually connect from there laptops/PC to my SSID. I was able to do a man in the middle with Firesheep etc.

After that I wanted to test it with Karma turned on. So I logged in to the Jasager interface and turned Karma On. Karma is turned on in the interface but doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong? I know how Jasager has to work and have it seen working at a Pentest class but can't get it working at my own ordered Jasager/pineapple at the Hak5 store. I have in my clientlaptop a lot of SSID's who are not the ones In my home but can't connect to them and they also don't show up as normally should be when you turn Karma on.

I searched the forum for a a solution but can't find it? How can I troubleshoot or check settings inside the Pineapple to fix the problem with Karma on the Pineapple?

The reason I bought it at the Hak5 shop was that it should work out of the box! But that isn't . Perhaps someones knowes how I can fix this?

Sorry for my bad english that's because it is not my native language. I am Living in the Netherlands. (Holland)

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What you can try is just add a connecten to a hidden AP and it must be unencrypted. Just pick a name. So you know for sure its asking for a network and if its conencting karma is working fine.

It could be the networks are not set to auto connect or have security set ( the pinaple does not pickup clients that are expecting security like WEP , WPA, WPA2.

I have no idea how to fix it and what could be wrong with a new pineaple maby a reflash would help. A hardware problem would be strange since its working fine as a normal AP like you said.

I also don't know how its configured with a standaard pinaple since i did instal it on a normal fon router i got off ebay. And follewed the tutorial on the forum.

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I am sure that Karma isn't working on my new pineapple. Does someone know which packages I have to reinstall to make it work? The reason I bought one from the Hak5 store is that it should work right out of the box.

In the past I bought a Fon+ router and maked it work after days of installing, troubleshooting and reflashing. I wanted to avoid that by buying one from the store.

Perhaps someone has tips to check whick packages I have to reinstall to make Karma work??

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