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War Driving At 2.4ghz


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thats gonna be my goal for the fall. to find a wireless security camera.

Or build a receiver and drive around with a monitor in your car. No need to log on to the wireless network as most broadcast over the air. I think BSODtv did an episode on different devices for picking up wireless video, like traffic cameras.

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I am just downloading their videos, to watch later. As Digip mentioned, there is a segment they did on wireless devices, I think will be worth checking it out.

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BSOD is amazing!!!! PURE amazing, content that nobody else has on their show...

Infinity Exists is alright too but its mostly script kiddie and lock picking...

It can be script kiddies or hackers, but if we can learn real stuff from them, stuff that could one day help us, that's all the matters.

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