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Windows 7 As A Wireless Ap


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Found this and I searched the forums a bit and didn't see it mentioned, figured it's a good app to mention.


I was looking for a way to share my internet connection on my laptop wirelessly with another wirelessly pc and I've heard it's possible with "HomeGroup", but being on a domain those options are not avail. I even left the domain and still didn't see an option in HomeGroup, but then again I haven't ever used HomeGroup.

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Yea searching for a solution I ran across a blog I believe on lifehacker which is where I found Virtual Router. They mentioned connectify, but also stated that Virtual Router was a bit faster and easier to play with. I just now finished testing it on this laptop running windows 7 ultimate 32-bit and it works great I must say. I downloaded connectify also I might play with it too just to do so.

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