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MP3, Audio ?


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Just wondering if anyone new of a software that can take out/mute the vocals of an MP3 or any audio file. I'm lookin for specific instrumentals and can't seem to find them so I was wondering if there was a software that can take out or mute just the vocals. Thanks in advance:)

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Guest zacharygriggs

the voice is just a wavelength and to get rid of it you would have to isolate it, unfortunately that would also get rid of musical notes on the same wavelength.

so the music would be comprimised

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No problem, however might i suggest perhaps better topic titles next time. Like "Removing Vocals from Music" might have been a better idea for this thread.

Ask good questions and you'll get good quick answers.

Hope Audacity comes through for you.

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I agree Stingwray I should have given it a better title, it was just late, late and I was tired :lol: I'll remember that for next time. I'm messin around with Audacity and haven't found a way yet. Metatron thanks I will give those softwares a try and Computer_kid, I'm not exactly sure what XMMS is, but I'll google it and check it out. Thanks again guys, very quick and useful information :D

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