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Pc Hangs At Post After Cloning A Drive


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Got a quite... frustrating problem I keep running into on my main desktop PC.

The problem is that after I restore an image (with clonezilla) onto a drive on that machine, the machine will hang at "Auto-Detecting SATA#..." on the next boot.

Hooking that same drive up to another machine and restoring it there works perfectly fine. Also, just deleting the partitions on the drive and hooking it back up allows the machine to boot.

It's puzzling, since I've tried other drives, other cables, other sata ports and other versions of Clonezilla, but the same thing happens. I've done memtest86+ as well as hdd diagnostics with no errors.

With the latest stable version of clonezilla, it throws out a CRC error first and then if I try the restore again, it completes fine, but the machine hangs when it's trying to detect the drive.

It's royally pissing me off, since I clone the drives, so I don't have to take them out of the PC they are in, and that is the only machine that is giving me problems.

Ironically, restoring that same image on a different machine or even in a VM succeeds without any problems.

If I've ruled out the HDD and Memory, what else is there to check?

System specs:

Asus BIOS 1005



E8500 Core2Duo


500GB Hitachi HDD


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Is the clone from one of the exisiting drives in the machine, and after the clone, are you leaving both the original and cloned drives in together when booting? They will look identical to the system and might be your reason for boot errors.

Do the clone, then shut down the system. Unhook the old drive and leave the newly cloned one in, and set it as the default boot order. Then try to boot off it. If it works, then the drive is fine. If it still fails, then something could be wrong with the clone.

As far as I know, Clonezilla copies a bit for bit image, including all partition table data, serial labels, etc, so might be conflicting info when the BIOS tries to identify the two drives and sees two identical pieces of information on separate SATA channels. Might also be able to reset something in the BIOS for the boot order and detection settings.

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Basically I imaged the drive and then restored the image to the same drive.

I took everything out except 1 stick of RAM and, while it didn't flip out over the CRC error at the beginning, it spit out a "corrupted gzip stream crc32 mismatch" but didn't fail. When I rebooted, it loaded everything fine.

I guess I'll try it again and see if it succeeds, then start adding RAM and see what happens.

EDIT: I copied the image to my data drive and it restored without displaying that "corrupted gzip stream -- crc32 mismatch"

I guess the network card is being a pain.

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Reset the CMOS per someone from the Asus forums and that got it working in IDE mode

When I switched to AHCI mode, it hung, so I hooked up another drive and restored the image to it and it threw the crc error again, but after canceling the image and doing it again it completed without problems.

I guess it was a mixture of things. *shrugs*

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