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I'm working on a script to notify users of a system outage or emergency. Rather than rely on email, I want the users to receive a popup message to increase the chances they see it.

I have about 700 workstations to best target the message to the appropriate users an IP range would be the best method, I think. The majority of the systems are Windows Vista. Terminal Services are disabled by group policy, and I can not enable them to allow for the use of the MSG command.

Optimally this would be something that could be placed on shared drive space that any user with appropriate permissions to the location could launch, not necessary domain/workstation administrative rights.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated!


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You can code a custom "Listening" program to listen for messages. And when a message is received have to do whatever.

Email is probably the easiest and best method.

-If they use outlook for email, it puts up an email toast.

-Users typically have work email forwarded to their Blackberry device on their person if they are away from the desk.

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