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Temporary Redirect For Hotspot Connections With Ip Tables


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The plan is for my company to offer a rolling hotspot in our van. We have a Clear iSpot which is hacked to allow anyone access. We want to force people to view our website when they first connect. So as soon as they get an IP and try to load a webpage they are redirected to our site, where we have our TOS (don't abuse this wifi, ect). Once they view this page they will be free to go where ever they want.

The iSpot is running what I believe to be an embedded linux build with IP tables. Is there a way to set a temporary, one-time-use redirect like I'm describing? I have telnet access to the device and once this patch is added I'd need help on securing that as well.

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You could take a look at Untangle, it may be what you are looking for.


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That would work perfectly if this installation wasn't going inside a van :-P. I'll definitely save the link for later though. Thanks for the link.

Inside a van shouldn't be to hard to set it up. Unless there isn't enough space at the back of it.

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