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Installing Gentoo - Grub Error


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so i was installing gentoo yesterday. everything was going great!

the only thing was, when it was time to unmount my file system and reboot, it didnt reboot to gentoo, instead, it sent me to some grub prompts. so, i am able to bypass the grub prompts by specifying my kernel. i do this with:

root (hd0,2)
kernel /boot/ {hit tab here}
kernel /boot/kernel*

the hit tab here is what i do, it list's the kernel. the kernel* is the kernel then version number....

so after that i am able to bypass that and get into my system. but it boots into my changes not saves them. so i still have to fix my problem whatever it is. i looked and under grub.conf the kernel referenced sda instead of hda, so i tried to edit that to hda, and no success.

i then tried to chroot back into my system with the disc. i was able to. and i typed in grub and tried to do the same thing there as i did at startup to bypass it, and then type exit, and reboot. no luck.

so changing where the grub.conf referenced the kernel didnt change it, and going to the grub prompts in the system and typing the same thing to bypass it didnt change it, so im not sure....

i also tried the

root (hd0,0)

setup (hd0)


command set when chrooted into my system and it didnt work. i tried those three things many diffrent times in slightly diffrent ways... referencing diffrent things. still, no luck.

so under grub.conf i still have it listed as hda instead of the default sda, and i can always change that.




someone said they were missing a file in grub, but i have that file. so i dont think thats the problem. but im not sure what would be. is there a way to delete the grub and redo it, or does someone see the problem? i have never installed gentoo before.


Kolton Kuhns

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