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Definition of Technolust?


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I would like to see a couple scenes done...

One when Dade's (Crash Override or Zer0cool) hacking the tv station and Angie's character takes over...

The part where Joey's "hacking" the Gibson, with somehow amazing graphics btw...

When Dade goes to that night club and trounces Angie's character and says "Guess I'm on top" lol...

When they are in the dark room at the party and are trippin' over the risc architecture and 64k display...

The scenes where they are taking over the Detective Gill's life lol...

And the best scene of all at the end when they are all hacking the gibson... 'ARF ARF! WE GOTCHA! MESS WITH THE BEST, DIE LIKE THE REST "

Good times, good times...

I too have seen the movie like 1 billion times. I can't get enough of it. The second hackers was okay, about Kevin Mitnick...

Anyways "The Hackers" transcript http://www.ozbricks.com/syme1984/hackers/transcript.html

ed... meant kevin... had steve in my head for some reason...

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1. It's Kevin Mitnick

2. That wasn't Hackers2. It was distributed on P2P networks mislabeled. There was however a Hackers2 soundtrack.

That sound track wasn't too bad, had a great prodigy song on it. As for hackers 2, I can't imagine anyone paying angelina jolie to act is such a movie nor her agreeing to do it, even if the price was right.

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Operator sees heavy activity on the Gibson. Calls for help.

"Euhh, Mr. Babbage?"

- "My name is The Pest."

"Ah, Mr. The Pest, something weird is happening on the net."

- "As in what, you hapless technoweenie?"

"Our webserver is working really hard. Someone's running a whole slew of IIS exploits against our apache installation... I think we've got a kiddie."


Agent Gil sitting behind his computer, getting a phone call.

"I'd like to enquire about an employee of ours. Um... Agent Richard Gil?"

- "Yeah, that's me."

"It would appear that your email account is blocked because we discovered that it contains lots and lots of horse porn. I'm sure you're well aware of our policy regarding the use the of the corporate mailing system?"

- "Horse porn?!?"

"Whatever floats your boat I suppose, hrmm?"

- "But I don't..."

"Yeah, yeah. Look, clean up your inbox, or clear out your desk, hmmkay?"

- "No, really. I'd never..."

"Have a nice day now, Jolly Jumper." (Laughter in the background.)


The guys and and Angie are drooling over an old BEAST of a laptop.

"Check it out, guys, this is insanely great. It's got wireless memory!"

- "Yeah, display?"

"Um, no I think that's still wired with this version."

- "Bah! Old rubbish!"

-- "Whatever. It totally owns whatever you're running."

"Shyeah right."

- "In your dreams, dude"

-- "I'm gonna triple the fans"

--- "Euhh, Kate? You know you don't have a clue about this stuff, right?"

-- "I don't recall asking you anything..."

--- "Yeah. Right." (walks out)

---- "Yeah. Right." (pretending to walk out)

- "Heh. The sensitive type."

-- "WHAT is HE doing here?"

"Relax, Hottie15, he's my guest"

- "Woah. YOU'RE Hottie15? We cybered on IRC 2 days ago. You said you were a girl!"

-- "I AM a girl!"

- "You don't look it."

"Fooled me the first time too."


"I told you, I don't play well with others"

- "Well, I've got this movie clip here of you, a goat and ..."

"FINE! I'll do whatever you want."

Don't miss THE hit movie of the year. Nominated for 4 Oscars, including one for Best Special Effects.


In theatres this christmas.

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1. It's Kevin Mitnick

2. That wasn't Hackers2. It was distributed on P2P networks mislabeled. There was however a Hackers2 soundtrack.

1. For some reason I had steven in my head... but I know it's Kevin

2. It's not technically Hackers 2 but in my head it is. It's called Hackers: Operation Takedown or just Takedown. In any event it wasn't as good as the first.

3. Let's not make our comments in numerical order... :roll: j/k

Anyways... that would be awesome for the script lol...

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