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Hak5 As Carrier On Htc Hero W/ Aosp 2.2 And Instructions For Other Android Phones


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Hello again all you hak folk! I have decided to drop by from xda and give you a little somethin' neat.

I have found if you are running an AOSP (Android Open Source Project) build of Android on your phone, you can change the name of your shown phone provider.

Here's the pix!


And here's the file!


Instructions included in file. There are also other pre-packed phrases you can replace the carrier with:

-F*ck Me
-F*ck You

And in a minute I will have a how to for any AOSP rom. (Android Open Source Project)




1. Android Device (doesn't have to necessarily be a phone)

2. Root

3. Working adb connection to phone

4. 7zip

5. HxD or another hex editor

(((How To)))

1. Connect your phone and mount your it with adb.

2. use adb to pull the framework-res.apk file from the phone


3. open the framework-res.apk file with 7zip

4. go into the res/xml folder


5. pull eri.xml from the zip file and open with HxD or your favorite hex editor

6. scroll down until you find the provider name (usually sprint)


7. Change the name to whatever you want. WARNING! Depending on your phone you can have as little as 9 characters available all the way to 16. It depends on the phone. I have found that the Hero CDMA only has 9.

8. Save eri.xml, and copy it back into the zip file via drag and drop into 7zip.

9. Using adb, push the file back onto the phone. You may have to reset it to get it to show up.


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