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Wtb: Broken Dvd Burner


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BlueRay burner lasers burn better ;)

Also there is a site that was selling a high powered laser diode in a lightsabre case for a good price. I think about $200-400 or so.

Also the diodes are REALLY hard to get out of the curcuit. You will also need to build a driver circuit to give it good power and you will need a laser enclosure for the lens so the diode is more directional and not diffused.

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ya thats why im building my own. i just picked up this real nice LED flash light that kinda resembles a lightsaber. im going to use a Aixis laser module for the enclosure of the diode. the driver i will get from a website or ebay.

i also asked for a dvd burner cause i didnt think any one would have a broken blue-ray burner yet.

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