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[Version 1] Error In Teensyarduino Media_sdcard.c

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I believe I've found an error (typo) in the \hardware\teensy\cores\usb_disk\media_sdcard.c file. I am new to teensy development, having just gotten my board and microsd card kit. I got my dev environment set-up and started compiling and running some simple programs for the teensy card only.

Today, I soldered on the microsd card and began playing around with compiling some of the SDFat examples. I was having difficulty getting any of the SDFat examples to compile, getting an error relating to an undeclared media_restart() function. I began digging around a bit and discovered that there was a typo in the function media_restart() declaration (line 132 of \hardware\teensy\cores\usb_disk\media_sdcard.c). The function was declared as "void medie_restart()". Once I fixed the typo, the code compiles nicely.

Fyi, I'm using teensyarduino 0.9 with arduino-0019.

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