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Fresh Pineapple 2


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I know you can check the logs and see I have been all over the place trying to get a step by step. The ics is one of the first problems I am having trouble with. Have a fresh Pineapple out of box. Having the ssid set to pineapple needed to be corrected right away IMO. I even changed power to lowest so I could play in my own home.

Mine did not come with cat5, I have one, it works, as does wireless. This is what I want it to do:

My paid for internet < my laptop A < pineapple < my laptop B or someone stealing wifi (hopefully the thief that stole my other laptop)

On LT A, have commview or wireshark. Can i still access Jasager here? maybe that is all I really need.

But the ICS is what I can't seem to get set right on XP. Would really like to use extra wireless card to talk with pineapple or do I have to use hard wire?

I even followed a site from florida Unver. guy that explained it pretty well on ICS but the dns part and some other things just are not working.

So is there some place that has pics that actually work, photo bucket seems to never work. No pics, no problem, but any sort of step by step that does not assume flashing is required. I think the fruit I just got was ready to go. Just the links to forum on instructions are not directly for it.

Lastly I did search google for ICS, did not find anything useful that explains it as used with the pineapple. Thanks for any help.

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The pineapple i think only has 1 WiFi. Hardline is how it's setup I would think, I made my own so not sure how the store ones are. You would have to modify the wireless interfaces to act as 2 and it would slow things down a lot.

My scenario which I've posted many times all over typically the setup looks like this.


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Thank you for clearing part of this up. So the direct connect is only for initial setup?

In one try I did add another wireless card and could see some of the stuff this other guy did, it was here http://itv.fiu.edu/play.php?vid=453 hope I am allowed to post that.

He has dns set up using and not sure how to know for sure if that is correct for me. I took a break so let me go through it again. Maybe I will get lucky.

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I would say check the updated installation guide to help you understand how it works better. Internally it bridges the Wifi interface with the WAN card. So the DNS is handled by whatever you plug into the WAN port of the FON/ACCTON router. So that is why the IP Forwarding (on my laptop in my diagram above) is important because it will get an IP from whatever internet source you have.

As to the video, i would make sure you note that the person you are "demonstrating" on is a friend who is aware of what is going on. And hopefully that was the case. Maybe also a shoutout to Hak5? Another thought is maybe blurring out the mac address of the "demonstratee". I only skimmed the video so if any of these things were covered I missed them.

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Mr Protocol, The video link was someone that did this for school, I just found it during my week of searching. Not much out there in step by step. Wasn't sure if posting a link was ok or not. Many forums have egg shells maybe pineapple strewn about for n00bs like me.

For my In house only testing:

Can I make it work using 2 wireless nics? or

Must it be hardwired to nic 2 and associated through ICS with wifi nic 1 which goes to real net?

In ICS one step by step from the wiki here there is a part saying click dhcp several times to get other fields to show up. Not sure if dhcp is correct setting on the fon. He goes on to mention dns servers, when I do ipconfig /all there is only one dns which is same as default gateway and dhcp servers.

Note that I did get my laptop V to connect through fon, got the net and with commview saw traffic using a hardwired fon to laptop A. Tried karma, it saw LapTop V but no IP address. So I am close.

Would really like the PineApple to work as wireless only, I figured it must be able to other wise it would not be hidden in things. Thanks for your help.

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As far as i can tell, it will only work with a hardline between Fon and Laptop/internet source.

That's how I use it. Pretty sure that's how the rest of the community does it as well.

The fon only has 1 wireless device in it. So you would have to create a virtual wireless device to accomplish a complete wireless fon. Which in my opinion would be slow (because the wireless card in the fon can only send or receive one thing at a time acting as 2 interfaces) and unreliable.

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Ok my pineapple is now Not so fresh. I have been fiddling for too long with it, the pineapple of course. Looks like I now can't get in to front end or karma end.

Is there some sort of trick to get it reset? Last thing I did was set dhcp and now I just can't get in to it. any pointers of books to buy, classes to take or who to send money too?

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You can re-flash it with Digininja's firmware and follow the forum walk through on setup/install.

Sounds like fun and just after I found a customer stopped payment. First in 12 years.

So in my trying to get to some portion of a setup I connected it to wired port on home router, turned it on, I was able to go through it using name I gave it from wireless pc. Hit the real internet and all. is there really no way to see what port the front end is at? I tried using netstat /all and some other things in xp cmd line.

the reset button, does it do anything? All I did was change it from static to dhcp, which in one wiki says to put it in dhcp.

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