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I Made Circuit Board Dog Tags


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first i placed a dog tag over the board trying to find a spot that looked good. then outlined it. cut away at the board as close as possible to the outline. then a put a dremel type bit in a drill press cause putting the board in a vice would be bad. this way i hold the board with my hands and have more control over it. drilled a hole for the chain. then took some jewelers files an smoothed out the edges. then i spayed it with clear coat so it stays shiny an doesn't get scratched.

not doing anything with em. just doing it for fun.

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That looks awesome, now you can hide your encryption keys on that ROM chip and no one will ever notice.

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That looks pretty sweet! It would be interesting if you had enough working board left to make a working circuit and mount a micro-b usb port and some micro sd memory so you could use it as a USB thumb drive. I think they look killer though. Has a nice pattern and look to them.

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