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Boot Iso From Grub4dos


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hi guys,

i have a 16gb pen drive and i am trying to get windows xp and windows 7 iso to boot from it.

i have set up a menu.lst and have a few things booting from it already but i cant figure out how to boot the iso xp/7 image from it

i add this to my menu.lst....

title Windows xp

map (hd0,0)/winxp.iso (hd32)

map --hook

chainloader (hd32)

title Microsoft windows 7

map (hd0,0)/win7.iso (hd32)

map --hook

chainloader (hd32)

i starts to load it and then i get the blue screen of the death and crashes

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There is only one way of booting a Windows 7 / Windows XP install from my knowledge. You can only have one Windows installation on the drive.

Follow this tutorial:

Take the file structure and place it on your drive. Next open the menu.lst it generated on your temp thumbdrive and paste it into your menu.lst.

Good Luck.

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