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Seo Top Result Tactics?


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I am trying to do more SEO stuff and need to know if anyone has good advice as to get pages to the top for certain keywords.. here is what I have so far (maybe someone has things to add to the list that will help?) I am talking new 2010 tactics for all the major search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo, ect..

-Blogs linking to your site and new daily content

-Deep linking to other pages then the main site

-Add social networking stuff

-Add site so it is easily seen on mobile phones

-Post comments on major sites with your link somewhere, but a real comment having to do with the topic & your sites content

-No more then 10 keywords per a site

-Do not put those keywords too may times on one page or google will consider it junk

-Domain name can make a big affect like say domain name is Ilikecrabcakes.com if someone times in "I like crab cakes" the site is more likely to come up first during the search

I could be wrong on some of this stuff this is just what I have found so far on research and wanted to know if anyone from the hak5 squad had any advice on SEO. I also found some good app's for SEO like IBP, which checks results on competitors websites, submits pages to search engines, generates reports for bossman, ect.. any advice? Thanks.

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How to Get Good Search Engine Rankings

aka "SEO 101: Getting High Google Placement"




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