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Find What A Program Is Based One


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So I am looking to find out what code or well anything about how a program was written. The exact program is acctualy a feature which tends to make it a little hard but I am looking at the windows homegroup feature in windows 7. I am curious about what this program was based on since it generates a key and i am wondering if that is an asymetric key or something. this whole program kind of intrigues me and so if anyone has an idea on what this program is based on that would be wonderful.

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You could reverse engineer it, to find out how the code was written.

Not sure how to do it though, but defetely the way to know how the code was written.

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If for windows programs, try PEiD. It can tell you what a program was packed with, which can help tell you the compiler and shed some light onto what it was written in.



Ive used it to inspect files before for strings and such, and it works fairly well. Just dont put anything in it that is malware, you could execute code in the program with certain functions within PEID that try to determine the packer and compiler through its deep scan.

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