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Hi there Hak5 team and other members,

My name is Tino from New Zealand and I am a 17 year old wannabe programmer,

and I have been watching a few of Hak5's latest episodes on ssh, hacking and modding.

What do you recommend me to learn, to start off my career as a computer programmer and possibly hacker???

I am not really n00b at programming,

I do know a little python,

I have been studying Cisco networking and it involves ssh and telnet and a whole lot of other stuff like that.

Actually, to start our relationship off, I really would like to know how to do some fun stuff over telnet or ssh, with no physical contact with the n00b PC/Laptop but not just know how to do it but also understanding how to do it.

I'm going to keep reading threads and watching episodes and then become a lethal programmer lol :)

can you possibly give me some tips on how to proceed.



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read books/online tutorials, practice practice practice. the more hands on you have the faster and better you will learn. reading is not enough you have to actually do what your reading to get the full effect.

OK dude sweet

I have tried some from Hak5 and from HackForum

but yeah ill look into that.

I really wanna try the pineapple fon wireless router, jaseger (i think)



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I'd say reading and watching videos are good stuff for learning new things, but in reality practice is what counts the most. Whenever you see or you learn something new, put that to the practice.





There are good places to start learning from and then practicing.

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