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I personally don't trust proxies, they may offer me the convenience to remain anonymous on the internet. But I would never trust it entirely for browsing my banking website.

Depending on the proxy server, you are tunneling through it may record what you do. So I would probably go with a Paid Virtual Private Server, that way I will give me some peace of mind.

Plus most banking websites use HTTPS to encrypt the traffic and most of time https is very secure, unless you receive a certificate warning, that it may indicate someone is trying to intercept your connection, or the certificate may have expired. In this circumstance, I would be a little bit concerned about.

If you don't want to pay for a VPS service, you can always build your own proxy server, or have it hosted somewhere in the world.

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Any one in Nigeria will gladly host a computer for £5 a month ;)

Its not a bad idea, but I rather have it hosted somewhere and looked after by someone I know or who I trust.

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