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I Made A Hd Clock


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Very impressive, now you need to get the numbers.

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i didnt use a tutorial i just made it up as i went.

basically get an old HD and completely take it apart. your going to need a very small hex bit to take the screws out. if you dont have one check your local auto parts store. dont go to radio shack its way over priced cause they come in full sets. unless you want the full set but i already had the other ones. when taking it apart be careful not to scratch the disk drive with the arm that goes over an between it. also try really hard not to touch the disk drives because they are VERY hard to clean.

once you got every thing out get a cheap quartz clock, and that that apart. do not take apart the actual case to the motor thinking you can make it fit better cause all the gears are held together loosely and with out the case they will fall apart.

drill a hole large enough in the top case of the HD so that the part of the clock that the hands attach to can fit through. i also had to use a soft mallet to flatten that area out a little bit, cause there was a lip that protruded making the arms even hard to fit on.

now you can hot glue the clock motor to the inside of the HD lid. make sure its centered right so the part sticking through dosnt touch or the hands wont turn. screw the lid back on.

glue on one of the disks to the outside of the lid, trying your best not to touch it. but its gonna happen. maybe some cotton gloves like the ones used in a clean room might work. attach the hands and set the time. now you can glue on any accessories you want like the arm that reads the disks, or circuit boards/chips what ever you want. with out the circuit board inside you have a hole on the back to adjust the time.

HD design may vary.

post a pic or vid if you make one.

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well i wanted to do it last week, as the university gave us a one week study brake!,, but i got sent on a fool errand and oh well, my beautiful holiday is gone! but i'll try and do it if i have time!


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