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Server Too Slow


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hi that for all the videos here and on you tube

i have a 2003 server hosting my website but many people tell me that it's too slow open a page it takes for ever

please hak5 help me make my server fast

am using xampp and mysql

that's here is my email emma@videopowerplanet.net

thanks hak5


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If you are hosting it from your house, I doubt you have the bandwidth needed to supply to the users.

Please provide details of your WAN connection, this is likely to be the cause of the problem.

Have a look at getting the video contented hosted externally (I'd guess your clients may not want this) on somewhere like YouTube and then embed the videos into your website.

I assume that when you view the videos internally (e.g. on your LAN) that they play ok?

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If you are hosting your website from a web hosting company, you might want to check out with them to see if there are any issues at their end, or you may want to upgrade to a better plan or service.

Now if you are hosting from your own computer at home, then the slowness is your internet connection. Generally your upload speed is a lot slower than your download speed.

I run virtual servers at home and I can tell you, the speeds aren't that great. I get an average of 60Kbps to 100Kbps upwards which is OK for what I do. But for hosting a website like Youtube forget it.

The users will get very frustrated because its taking a very long time for the videos to load.

Hope this helps!



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100% sure its your bandwidth.

I work at a web host/data center so hit me up if your interested in some hosting. We have DS3 40mb up/down and are soon upgrading to GigE.

I'd love to own that kind of upload speed.

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