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I'v soldered before, but just wiring and stuff. Mostly automotive related. This is my first actual project I'v soldered. I'm very please the way it came out. Drilled out the holes in the Altoids can and filed em smooth. used some tape for extra smoothness so not to scratch the LED's. Had to use a paper towel (will replace with foam) to support the board. And to top it all off it works too! turns off every TV in my house. Most likely Tomorrow I will be going to a store to see how many I can turn off. Gonna record it too. should be fun.

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i was thinking either foam or Velcro incase i have to take it out for what ever reason. actually just putting hot glue down but not sticking the board to it would work. i donno if thats what you ment.

Yup, a little hot glue will do it. If you put some aluminum foil over the board (make sure no power is connected) Put a big glob in the case. Press down and let cool. Remove board, remove foil, nice fit.

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You can use Hot glue to support the board. Safer than paper and probably foam as well.

Or you could use a double-sided table, works fine too.

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I still think adding a random timer to one would be awesome, and a magnet. Pop one under a shelf pointing at the TV wall at random big box store and let it do it's thing. Go back and pick it up after a week or so.

i think thinkgeek.com might sell something like that. i know iv seen it some where.

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