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Parallels Vs Vmware Fusion


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Has anyone here used Parallels vs VMWare Fusion on a OSX environment?

I have experience using VMware (vSphere, ESX, etc) on a windows environment, however I have never set it up on an OSX environment. While I have read they are basically similar and the only difference between the two of them are the performance (parallels is suppose to be faster) and stability (Fusion is suppose to be more stable), I am unsure which to recommend to one of my VPs. I gave him my initial recommendation of "Go with VMware since we use it here and I will be able to set your new systems (He purchased a new Mac book pro and iMac systems)." He however has read that parallels 6 will allow him to use VM machines from his iPad and wants to know by call of business tomorrow which one he should use.

I have to draft up a proposal for him (I know good use of company time) on the pros and cons of both. While I have downloaded trail versions of both, I am unable to tell any difference between either of them. I don't own any of the new processors (i7) nor any of the devices (iphone/ipad) that he owns. My duo seems to run fine, but I have read that both VmWare and Parallels have issues with the new processors.

Anyone with experience with Parallels (version 5 or 6) and/or comparison information mind sharing it with me. I have already compiled data showing one is faster and the other is more stable, but I want to make sure all my bases are covered.

Thank you in advance

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Thanks for the help.

After playing around with trail versions I ended up giving him these options.

Take VMware Fusion and get inhouse support for a product

Take Parallels and run things about 30% faster, get the Ipad support and it now comes with free anti-virus from Kasperksy. However VM macines and the ability to join the network may not be supported if there are any issues.

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I've only used VMware workstation and ESXI in the past.

Will give Parallels Vs Vmware Fusion a shot.


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I would give VirtualBox a go.

I have used both VMWare Fusion 2 and Parallels Desktop 5 (not 6) and they both do pretty much the same thing and VirtualBox has pretty much the same feature set as VMWare and Parallels.

A for performance any difference in my experience has been negligible, but Parallels was better.

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