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Learning Windows

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so, if you have taken the comptia certification exam, you probably know about this book. but if figured for everyone who hasnt heard of it i would share.

i recently picked up a book (couple months ago) and its called comptia A+ certification. its by mike meyers. it is an amazing book. it is a exam book, but it does not just go over the answers to questions. it goes over windows and hardware from A to Z the ins and outs. it gives history, lots of info on the history. it also goes into networking and linux a bit. it is a great book so far and i recommend it. even if you dont plan on taking the exam, if you are planning on going into the IT field, or just want to learn windows, this is the book. it is definitely one i will take with me when i work on computers as a on site reference guide. it is amazing.

TIA book

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a lot of topics. its about 1300 pages or so long, and it goes over all of the hardware that goes into a computer, as well as the ins and outs of windows and its tools and history, removable media, installing windows, command line, maintaining and troubleshooting windows, printers, networking, wireless networking, internet, securing computers, complete PC tech, portable computing and much more. lol. i grabbled most of those from chapter titles. but as far as hardware, there is a chapter devoted to each. it is amazing. very good book.

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Don't mean to offend you, but Windows for Dummies are pretty good. I buy them occasionally, when I want to learn something new.

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