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[Version 1] Help To Convert To C/c++


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I would like to start by thanking all of you. I have had a lot of success with the teensy so far.

I am using the Arduino software and now feel it's time to switch to c/c++

because I feel I know there cut down c well enuff to put my time to better use

by learning c++, as well as learning electronics.

First I would like to purchase a really good book on c/c++.

I have some experience in quckbasic, and now Arduino's version of c.

I need to get a better understanding for object oriented programming.

Second how do I go about changing my library's and sketches to c?

is it mostly changing things like (int to uint8_t)?

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I found the best way is to dive in, and use Google for what you don't understand or what doesn't work. Especially for Objective-C, the Apple documentation is incredibly useful.... MSDN/.NET not so much.

One thing I found useful that I only started doing a few months ago was to use source control - I personally recommend Git. That way if you completely screw up on something you can go back to your last commit, and can create a branch for something you don't fully understand yet, or isn't working 100% (I did that when I started learning Core Data.)

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Beej's Guide to C Programming is a free book that is pretty good considering it's free. As for the non-free side of things I'd suggest 'Let us C' by Yashwant Kanetkar, it's how I got started learning C and I'm so glad I chose his book to help me.
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If you want to program your teensy in "true" C, look up AVR-GCC tutorials online, it's the most popular AVR C compiler, used by Arduino itself.

You will also need to read the datasheet for the microcontroller thoroughly, it's an invaluable source of information.

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Thank you guys.

I am going to take the google/online source for now since the book I want is too expensive right now.

I also want to freshly learn c in it's OOP form c++.

Already learned a lot on "Pointers", at first I didn't think I would ever take advantage of pointers

but now I can think of a couple ways I would use them in a far in the future project.

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