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Diy Ip Address Security System


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I am a small business owner and looking to set up cameras in my business, I want to put cameras that I can view from any computer using the internet and I don't want to pay the high dollar that ADT charges. How do I do this? Can I use the DIY server that you showed in your previous episodes? How how do I go about setting up this IP security system that I desire?

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Well, if the camera manufacturer offers software to record and view multiple cameras, that would be the best starting point. Then the easiest way to view it remotely would be to use a VPN to remote desktop the computer that has that software installed.

That would work.

I've been eyeballing the Mole Camera by Astak.

It's a bit expensive, but it looks nice overall (and works as a DVR too).

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The whole point of IP Cameras is that you can view them from anywhere. Most cameras come with the software that will run its own HTTP server, so you just have to point to the IP address the camera is broadcasting on. Just make sure that if you do this, you secure them. Especially if its wireless, anyone jacking into the wifi can watch the cameras too, and know who is in the building if they want to break in.

You can buy off the shelf stuff and do it yourself if you're handy with that sort of thing.


Personally I would go wired, but that means a lot of pulling cable through walls during setup, as where the wireless would be quick and painless, but also less secure since they are easy to tap in directly to the video.

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