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i have been watching all the old hak5 episodes and noticed one on dorgem (home video surveillance software)

i use this @ my home currently setup on my pc to capture the images where they are stored on a linux box in my loft

every time my pc is restarted i call a batch file using obsolete.com to delete files older than 5 days from my server

but ...

I've seen many websites suggest installing 'zone minder' (clearly the best cctv app available for multiple ip based cameras) i've checked the website and had a look at the screen shots and install process ... i was just wondering if darren you might consider dedicating an episode/segment to this great open source project.

my main reasons for asking you guys to do a segment on this is b/c from what i've read its a bit awkward to get running on ubuntu 10.04 as the last update to the source was some time in june 2009

here's the link anyway for anyone interested http://www.zoneminder.com/

im going to have a look at setting this up over the next few days, ill let u know how it goes ... i'd like to integrate zone minder with lampp but i dont know if this is possible

(i believe there's a virtual machine image floating about with it preconfigured but thats no fun :D)

for reference :

10.04 installation:




virtual machine image :

http://viktorpetersson.com/open-source/zon...tual-appliance/ (cant get this working with virtualbox)

zone minder & lampp info:



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when you send the email, be sure to include a link to this thread. I also think it'd be pretty cool. And much heaper than a service like ADT or Sloman Shield

already sent it .... havn't started looking @ this myself yet tho but will drop some feedback soon

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would you believe it omgwtf ....

sudo apt-get install zoneminder

... this 'should' make life easier :D

right i finally have it working ... and just for the record after you've ran ^^^

you need to execute these lines ....

sudo cp /etc/zm/apache.conf /etc/apache2/conf.d/
sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
sudo usermod -a -G video www-data

then goto

and enjoy.

my problems are not over tho .... i know this will work with ip based cameras but i have a brooktree 4 port bnc capture card i need to configure now fun fun fun !!! :)

this command is very handy for setting cameras up

zmu -d /dev/video0 -v -q

and it all works :D kind of i have set everything up now ... just need to test with bnc cameras :)

any one know if i can hack a standard av cable and bodge it in the composite/bnc fitting ? to test it ?

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any one know if i can hack a standard av cable and bodge it in the composite/bnc fitting ? to test it ?

just thought id add AV ... Composite .... SVideo pins 1 and 3 .... BNC (an probably some others i've missed) are all the same ... they're different cable formats for doing the same job ;)

i took an old av lead hacked the end off and stuffed it in the bnc fitting and worked fine (testing purposes only will buy/make some adapters when i get time)

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yeah i spotted some on ebay ... but im not even sure if the capture card works properly i bought it last week from the computer market ... i tried it with @ 640x480 but the resolution was wrong (displayed incorrectly in ubuntu) so i presume it may be the same case for the cameras ... thats why im going to try n find some IP - ethernet/wireless cameras

atm im using an old tv tuner card

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