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Yet another Cain & Abel question


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I have googled, I have searched these forums, but I can't quite seem to figure this out. I can get ettercap, and ethereal to work just fine because they have the option to scan in non-promiscuous mode. However, C&A does not seem to have an option to switch to non-p mode. I know it uses winpcap and I am afraid I may have to modify the code and rebuild but I wanted to ask here first to make sure their isn't an easier way to switch modes. I am using a crappy atheros a5000 series wireless card if that helps at all. Thanks for any help.

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I have tried it on XP and Vista. I know it's just a setting somwhere as ettercap is able to do this, but it gives you the option to change to non p mode via the UI. C&A has no such option and I know it uses pcap so I know I can go into the source and change pcap to always run in non-p mode but I want to make sure there isn't something I am overlooking.

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