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Couple of years ago sellers on ebay had Microsoft office like characters go around the screen and doing animation. I'm wondering if anyone as any copies of the code you could share?

I've tried to google with no luck.

Bit of a long shot i know, but worth a try!!

Many Thanks,


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I believe I found what you are looking for, however, if you are planning on deploying this on a live website, you probably aren't going to have much luck. This is because the code (more than likely the same that was used when you were remembering this, which I assume is more than a couple of years), is fairly old, and actually uses the Office assistants that were included in Microsoft Office, which have since been discontinued.

The code can be found at the bottom of this page , but I haven't tested it, all I know is that the URL that is in the code doesn't work.

However, maybe if you're lucky, you can navigate through Microsoft's maze of links to download the actual files for those and host them yourself. Although, this may only work on IE, so that would also pose a problem. Oh well.

Good luck. :)

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