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Want To Access Playstation Network? Not Until You Block Jailbreaks, Says Sony


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SONY has released an update for the PlayStation 3 that puts a stop to recent efforts to hack the consoles.

In a blog post, Sony director of hardware marketing John Koller described the v3.42 system software update released this week as "a minor update" that "includes additional security features".

But straight away PS3 fans began reading between the lines.

"I think we all know what this update is really for," said user Tondog shortly after the post was published.

And sure enough, it has been reported the update disables popular hacks to "jailbreak" the consoles.

"I can confirm Sony has patched PS Groove / PS JailBreak / PS Freedom... Whatever you fancy - it’s patched," said PS3-hacks.com. Jailbreaking refers to the practice of modifying or hacking a device to use it in ways not intended by the manufacturer, such as playing community-made or "homebrew" games or pirated games.

Sony says the update was optional, but version v3.42 must be installed to continue playing games online at Sony's PlayStation Network. Last week Sony won a temporary ban on the sale of the PS Jailbreak device in Australia.

The company also won a court battle against an Australian gamer who sued after an earlier system software update removed certain functionality.

Michael Trebilcock said one of the reasons he bought a PS3 in March 2007 was to use the "Install Other OS" feature that let the console be used as a computer. Sony disabled the feature in April this year, citing "security concerns".


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