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Vps And Linux Containers


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I've been piddling around with putting together a (virtual) server box and have come across openQRM. It has a really nice gui to implement a virtual environment. You can easily allocate memory, storage, and number of cores to the virtual environment. It supports (*oracle) virtualBox, xen, VMware and KVM for virtual appliances PLUS lxc (Linux Containers).

Linux containers are a new to me. It basically allows you to run your services off the same kernel but allocating a certain amount of resources to them(mem, storage, cpu, etc). It gives you this without the overhead of emulating the environment, thus, less overhead.

I would like to hear more about lxc the pluses and minuses and how they compare to virtual appliances. Anyone have experience with lxc? Any pointers of getting the most out of using them? I think it would be a good show and you could use openQRM on the Hak5 server to help set up your virtual environments.


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