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Can't Remotely Turn Off Monitor, Work Around Time


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So I have a monitor in my dorm room across from my bed so sometimes I want to watch hulu then go to sleep but I can't because my monitor will stay on afterwards. Any ideas.

My ideas:

Make an android app that sends a message to my computer to start screensaver.

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Try this utility


The command is

nircmd.exe monitor off

This will only allow you to turn off the monitor locally not remotely.

However you could set up a persistent netcat reverse shell, where you could remotely turn on and off the monitor.

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get off your ass? theres alway that!

wireless mouse and a screen saver set on 10minutes?

Or buy a computer screen that has remote control capabilities.

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I already have the monitor and that utility looks nice but I use ubuntu

Sorry I thought you used Windows, may be other users in these forums would have a solution for you.

Good luck

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