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What Tablet To Buy (or Wait For)


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I'm nearly cloud hosted now. I pretty much run everything from a web browser and I'm getting rather tired of my heavy Dell laptop. These new tablets that are coming about look to be much lighter to carry around (and simplier to use?). Which tablet would you recommend $200-$500 price range and why? Heres my requirements:

* Something within the price range above (i'm a broke college student - probably be selling stuff to make money for the purchase)

* 9-10 inches. The idea is to be smaller than my 15 inch laptop, yet big enough I'm not straining to see something. Anything smaller I might as well just use a phone.

* It'll mainly be used for on the go productivity, but something with decent specs would be nice

* Speaking of productivity, I need something that can allow me to run most Google apps in the browser with little trouble. I'm talking something that'll allow me to work on Google Docs files.

* Webcamera/microphone... I need to be able to do occasional Skype with distant family

* Something with S-Video/HDMI to output to TV. I like to Skype in my living room on a 52 inch screen.

Not requirements but something I'm looking for in a tablet:

* I'd like to be able to print documents from it (if possible)

* Decent Windows tablet would be nice (OS X tablets don't seem to exist?). I have a Livescribe smartpen, so Windows/OS X would be required for transfering notes.

I have done some research and found very limited options (this tablet idea is stilll relatively new to the market I know). ARCHOS seems to offer the most options. The iPad looks interesting but if theres a Windows tablet that doesnt sacrafice quality and is cheaper I would buy that any day. Android tablets are nice but I'm looking forward to eventually acquring an Android phone and would much rather perfer a fully functionl OS like Windows if it were available.

Should I be waiting for better options or does someone already know of something on the market that meets my wants/needs?

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Not a huge deal on the market with those specs tbh, you might be better off with a netbook, especially if you want a fully functional OS and the ability to be productive on it. Most tablets are basically big phones atm, its an immature segment of the market and probally will be until Q4 2011 when the 2nd gen devices come out.

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