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About Fbook Sms Subscriptions


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Heres the deal. I got 300 SMS msgs a month coming/going. I'm happy with this, but unfortunately I dont have any data plan on my phone (I'm a poor college kid).

I want to keep up on Facebook status messages via SMS, but only for a limited # of ppl most important to me who don't post that often anyway to outdo my monthly quota. While I can reply at the computer I'm doing this so when I'm on the go I can comment. I'm kinda new to FB. I have the subscriptions setup and everything, but some of these ppl like to play games that post msgs to their walls or other ppl well post on them.

Simply put, are these extra messages left out of SMS? I want to subscribe to these ppl's status pages, but only if it excludes messages from social games and messages posted by ppl other than the wall's owner.

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