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How To Configure Backtrack 4


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I guess its all part of learning, at some point in time we all gonna have to learn something new.

I got something for you danielbrthwt, check out this link.


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Another approach is through the terminal. Type :

ifconfig -a (this will shouw you the name of all your network cards)

ifconfig <card name> up (this will bring your card up)

/etc/init.d/wicd start (this will start a networking program which should get your IP from your DHCP server)

If you don't have a DHCP server, you can give yourself a static one by typing :

ifconfig <card name> inet X.X.X.X (where X is the IP you want)

Now that I think of it it might not be inet, it might be something else, but I'm too tired to check it atm. If no one has corrected me by the time I get back I'll double check it.

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Thanks it really helped

Glad could help.

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