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Single Hard Drive Clone To Raid0


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If the raid is setup properly, it would be seamless to the OS and the OS would think it as a single drive.

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Is it a hardware raid or software?

Good call. It wouldn't work in a software raid only setup, because the OS is what controls the software raid, and rebooting to the software raid doesn't work because the raid exists only to the OS that created it. Hardware raid on the other hand is what you would want to have setup, as the OS would see it as a single drive and you could then copy whatever you want to it.

Depending on the OS, you also cant image the running OS to another drive unless booting off an additional drive or removable media since the current disc would be in use by the OS itself, although I think you get around this in *nix/linux based systems because you can create ramdrives on the fly and mount the system in ram to then copy from disk, but I'm not 100% sure about that.

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