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Suggestions For Remote Assistance Server


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Does anyone have suggestions for a remote assistance type server to give me my own private Team Viewer/Logmein/Go to Assist ability.

I'm not even sure of the name for this type of "hand-off" server, but I'm looking to host my own server that can proved the dual NAT outbound connection and hand-off so that two different users behind firewalls can gain desktop screen sharing assistance. It seems the ONLY solutions are 3rd party services exist for this. For the sake of cost, and security, I just want to host my own.

Ultra-VNC one-click, but it's not quite the solution, but close. Ideally, I would like it to minimal clicking and easy as LogMeIn or type services. Something I can ask a user to go to my hosted server url and it begin a client download and install (or better portable execution)... and then both parties avoid firewall/NAT issues by creating their own "outbout connections" and meet/handshake at the hosted server, which then hands off the connection as a secure session.

Many thanks


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How about GoToAssist, Darren uses that tool all the time.

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I've had alot of positive luck with my Bomgar appliance. You should check them out.

Hey thanks for the tip. Bomgar looks great. Ideally I would like to build and manage my own service, but this looks really good. And it gave me other search ideas for similar products (i.e. RHUB, Simple-Help, ScreenConnect, Dual Desktop...etc)

Thanks again.


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