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How Important Is On-line Gaming To You As Opposed To Single Player Gaming?


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I play a lot C&C and I often have to play against multiple enemies, so I'd say multiple player is a winner, it does make the job easier for you in the end. If you want to win in a game and you have the right people like gcninja mentioned than you are in business.

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I play most games for the story..

Multiplayer, I play lots of Halo Combat Evolved (bloodgulch ftw,) and Counter Strike Source. I Don't really play them for teamwork, just to pwn. Though I do kinda suck at counter strike. :ph34r:

The last time I was in a clan was for two very old games.. Dune 2000 and Descent 3, and this was back in 2000-2003.

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I play online for the challenge of a human mind. Though it is entertaining to beat AI on "insane" difficulty. Story is always good, but player interaction is key.

When I was younger I loved to play and pwn, but now I just like playing with friends, people I know or people I get along with online. Its great meeting people too.

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