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Vista Password Recovery ?


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kon boot fails ... i've wasted about 5/6 cd's trying different methods of burning to check it wasnt my writer

TRK ... i've reset the administrator pwd to "" but i cant login ... when i choose the cmd prompt option from the boot up options it just takes me to the vista login screen (and the admin account isnt available)

ophcrack ... i've used the free tables but they've failed

... so my questions are ...

1. kon boot never works is it just me ?

2. How can i get a cmd prompt ? to enable the admin account ?

3. ^^ if i cant do the above how do i load 54gb's worth of tables ? ... do i need to network ophcrack ?

.... or do i just admit defeat and reinstall everything ?

update ... im going to try and access the cmd prompt via the recovery console on the install disk just need an install disk now ... ill let u know if it works any other suggestions in the mean time are appreciated

can i use cain with the hash & ophcrack tables ?

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it's the x86 edition

its cool i sorted it now

and re-disabled the admin just in case they loose the pass again

... but i did burn 5 copies of kon boot with various software power iso, nero isoburner etc but all failed to boot

most displayed


some displayed nothing on boot .... i've never had konboot work yet

i used the trinity rescue kit instead

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ntpassword offline very good utility for resetting passwords. Had a college who forgot her vista password and NTpassword offline did a great job.

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I think resetting the password is fine and for your own system the best way to go, but for when you need to recover a password for something else, like possibly finding out what someone had set it to, and then use it in other places they may have used the same password, cracking comes in handy. Especially when for things such as law enforcement or recovery of data from ex employees on encrypted media/files that may yield the same password.

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