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Hello All,

I know a few seasons back Matt was setting a VmWare Server. Is there a way to do this w/ Virtualbox? Interested in making a machine around this purpose. Right now all I want it to do is be a firewall & a Windows Home server. Later build some RAID then have it backed up by a Drobo FS.

Thanks for your time & attention,

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Darren covers it pretty well in that episode I think. I don't think he said how much ram he put in it though, now that I think of it. Hmmm...now I'm curious about how much ram would be good for running a bunch of VM's...
I was thinking of using 8-12gb.
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I have a quad core CPU and 8Gigs of ram on my computer at home.

I run 2 vms at the same time, with 1 gig allocated to each of them and at least 2 cores allocated as well.

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