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September Desktops ...


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favorite app of the week is by far the windows xp desktop background changer powertoy ... i know those of you on 7 already have something like this but for those of you who dont its great ;)

uploading teh pics now :D




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Background is from a custom banner/logo I created for a client. Makes a nice wallpaper too.

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nice job placing the ubuntu tag right over the apple logo :D

@digip thats the most quick launch icons iv ever seen in my life.

Shit, you should have seen my XP desktops. I only keep a few pinned in 7 because it doesn't expand like XP's did where you could adjust the windows menu chevron once lockign the toolbar. My XP desktops had like as many as the start menu if not more.

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good point. but here it wasnt september. but now it is. so....



other machines still look the same.

i heard if you look you can find dealers selling computers with linux pre installed and all. i was wondering if thats what that was or did you just add the sticker to it?

also, where did you get the sticker, i see you have one on your apple computer to.

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i just put the sticker there. but the company i got the sticker from (for free...note the windows key is an ubuntu key) they sell real nice desktops and laptops with linux preinstalled.


if i dont build my own next desktop im might get one from them.

an thats xtr3m3's apple not mine.

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i got given it last week in exchange for fixing a pc :)

(took about 20min to burn it on highest quality(makes sense b/c the disks are quite pricey))

i use shape collage to create the image ...

you can dl it for free from here ... http://www.shapecollage.com/

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