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I Forgot My U3 Sandisk Password


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First off, before trying anything I would mount it on a Machine that isn't running Windows (Linux Live CD?) because the U3 software will reformat the drive if any more incorrect guesses are given, but this software only runs on Windows. Just to make sure anything else you try doesn't make it reformat the drive. :)

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No, the u3 controller will reformat the device .

The counter is also in the controllers domain and there are no known ways to "reset" it .

In the very early u3 controller firmware-versions there was a bug that resulted in the drive only being

"quick-formatted", allowing the use of data-recovery software, but now the drive performs a ATA-security erase.

Doing "stuff" under other OS won't help anything, you need to remember that password right ..

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No, the password is used to trigger a switch in the controller that opens for access to the NAND .

From any OS's POV there IS no storage until the correct pw has been entered .

(AFAIK the only reason you can't enter the password under Linux is that nobody bothered porting

the log-in software,probably because the source-code isn' available)

Furthermore, many versions of cruzers use AES128 internally if you pw-protect the device,

even if it wasn't advertised and you didn't pay extra !!

so you generally can't pull the NAND from the board and place it in a flash-RAM reader .

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