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A Virtualbox Question


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ok so i got virtualbox running with XP on it. so uh...now what? how would i go about pen testing this? where do i get started? i noticed it uses the same IP as the host computer. is that an issue? do i pentest with the host computer, another virtual machine, a separate computer? what are my options, whats the best option?


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Depends on how you want to set it up, the VM only network I set up is win xp and backtrack 4 VMs on their own network, then i networked some vms from some other computers onto that, for good measure. I believe virtualbox has an option to use an internal network for all the VMs your running.

You could use your host to pentest the VM if you want though, if you set up the network card for it, I think you'd just have to set it up as a bridged adapter, and make sure the IP's are right. The best option is whatever you like the best, my best option is 2 virtual machines, since i don't have to VNC in to change things on other computers, and i only have to use my main keyboard. It's nice to try and keep my desk from having mountains of keyboards and shit on it.

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