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Linux Alternatives To Visio And Visual Studio

Phil K.

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Hey all!

I just recently made the switch to Ubuntu and I am lovin' it! Apart from not being able to play BF:BC2 its great.

Anyways, I am currently taking a database course through the business school at my university because the CS department did not offer it this semester. My problem is that with this course they want you to use microsoft products including visio and Visual studio. Does anyone have any suggestions for programs compatible with ubuntu that emulate most of the same features of the programs above? The problem is, is that I need to work with 4 other people on this database project that lasts all semester so we need to be able to share code and visio docs.

BTW: we are using oracle as are DB server.

Right now I am looking at MonoDevelop and Dia as alternatives.

Thank you in advance!


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Or try Open Office. Full fledged office suite similar to Microsoft office and cross platform, Windows, Linux and I think MAC versions. Pretty sure they have comparable diagram program to Visio, but based on like Office 97/XP/2003, nothing more recent. it also doesn't use VB code, but they do have a program that accesses databases I believe as part of the install bundle. They can also open Office documents, such as word, excel, etc, adn save in those formats too. just some limitation on up to what version of office it can handle.

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This is actually a pretty damn good question. So I don't do enough programming to require an IDE, but it is nice. Although I can get by with Gcc.

But visio... You ask and you just don't get anything. So I use Windows, I even renewed my MSDN account. Visio is king for me. Then I thought, okay so what do I use Linux for? Right, so I use linux when I need to for some apps and because I like to keep up with commands et cetera.

But Visio, is there a real option out there? I use visio for laying out AD and such, works for me, and I don't pay for it. I did try though. So I would like to see responses.

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For diagrams I would suggest tux paint (I'm serious), it is quiet handy for diagramming stuff out using the shapes panel and text control. As for visual studio, just google for an ide for your language, for C++ I have been using Dev C++ recently but switched over to Code::Blocks (actually about an hour ago) and have been loving it, I never liked Visual Studio, to bloated and slow.

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Well to be honest if you want to use Visual Studio, I suggest you use windows in a VM or dual-boot. Even if you manage to install visual studio in a Linux machine, without the liblaries and .Net Frame work you wont be able to run the aplications you create from visual studio

Oh the other hand I think it would be better for you to use a web based or platform independent visio alternative than dia. My suggestion is to use a better visio alternative working with any browser.

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To do diagrams, flowcharts, etc. I have tended to use either Dia or X-Fig. Both are usually available as standard packages on Linux distributions and work fine.

I don't tend to use an IDE for most development work. Instead I just use vim and a Makefile for building/publishing.

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@Phil K. M$ paid hundereds of people and invested millions of dollars to develop the apps you listed. You don't honestly think there's a freeware alternative do you?

Anyways, I am currently taking a database course through the business school at my university because the CS department did not offer it this semester.

Why waste your time tinkering w/ freeware linux apps. You should focus on learning DB theory. You're best bet would be to use VM on your nix machine or like SSH into a Windows box loaded with applications you mentioned, as suggested. Apps like WINE will never be able to emulate an entire OS like Windows 7....code base is just way too big. Good luck trying to get a handle on T-SQL!


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