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Worth Going To Uni?


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hey hak5'ers,

i'm having a hard time deciding to go to uni or not. i'm almost 20, in australia and i'm currently doing my Diploma of IT and once i finish that i'm able to skip the first year of my bachelor of it at uni (big saving there lol) and get credit on some classes in the second year. its gona cost me AUD$15,000 for the 2 years i will be there and i'm still feeling iffy about my ablities

here's the problem. i hate java, i mean i want to punch the screen in every time i have to do it. personally i dont ever want to do this in the real world (kinda like how we all feel about maths when we were in school lol). to me its like trying to write Egyptian but reading it is like the ABC's book from kinder garden (when it comes pen to paper, i suck lol).the bachelor of it has a few more core subjects that are based around java, so there's no skipping it.

so, is it work sucking it up and try to learn java?

minding you, i dont know what i want to do in life. i get asked "what to you wana do?" i reply "something in IT". i dont see myself doing anything else but ICT lol.

hak5'ers, please help :D?

i'll give you a cookie :P

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If anything, Uni is a safe environment to learn not only course specific skills, but life skills in a group of people who are all in the same boat. So yeah, uni is worth it, but what you study is a small part of the worth.

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It sounds like your problem with Java is just that you don't understand it... which is the entire purpose of taking classes.

A degree is worth having. It pays itself off quickly because you can get a much better salary with a degree than just certifications.

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It sounds like your problem with Java is just that you don't understand it... which is the entire purpose of taking classes.

A degree is worth having. It pays itself off quickly because you can get a much better salary with a degree than just certifications.

yeah i dont understand it :(. them problem is mainly in class the teacher just gives us the code and answers (lol the reason i failed cisco ccna).

i wouldn't mind going to uni its just i don't want to waste my time and money. like i know its not a waste of time, it could help me in the long run but i think its just me feeling that my skills are under developed or crap.

i have my A+ cert, cert II and III in IT, some cisco and had been heavily involved in a 50+ community based LAN events.

hm, thanks guys for helping :D.

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The best lesson you can learn in school is how to motivate yourself to do things that you hate doing. That skill is worth a thousand times more then anything specific.

You might never use Java in the real world - but you will find yourself needing to take on tasks that you don't want anything to do with in order to achieve something that you do want.

That said - the value of the degree and the training received compared to the cost associated with acquiring it is very personal. It is true that a lot of people never get the value out of the degree compared to the money they put into it. This is a growing issue that is getting more and more extreme these days. Others though still get great value from the degree.

The value of knowledge is in a free fall thanks to modern technology making it so easy to obtain. Personal motivation and self discipline are the real keys to success in the modern world. I think if you can manage to re-frame the purpose of school in your head with this concept, to look at it as an exercise in motivation and self discipline vs a format for gaining knowledge - it will go a long way towards future success.

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On a more boring note. You mention money, sorry I don't know how it works over there. I went to Uni in Scotland.

In Scotland you get your tuition fees paid for you, and if you don't live at home you get a fair whack of cash each month.

My point being, yeah go! Brillant.

If you have to pay out of your own pocket, uni is shit if you have no money. All you will think about it having no money, maybe you could work for a year or two, you will either think "Damn I hate stacking boxes I can do more!!" or "Shit bitches are everywhere, pass me another 40".

My point, you have to want it, but it's a lot harder to say if you have to fork out the cash yourself. You will meet friends for life, you will also realise you hate certain people. You will get a degree and hopefully get a job.

In this day and age, there really is no rush, and I'm not old. But hey, everyone is different, so what do you want?

Uni is great, but you have to want it if you're going to pay that money back.

Oh and you say you don't like Java, well to be fair I never had to go that deep but I did have to do Java. Make of that what you will, if you're too bitched out by a OOP basic course, uni is not for you... yet.

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5ive and cabster21, i do see your points :D.

and over here in australia we have a thing called hex. in a way uni is free for the moment but as soon as we start earning over a curtain amount, it gets taken out of our tax. btw, funny you should say, i'm half Scottish :P.

anyway... i'm just thinking about doing it for the experience and for the fun times :P. my mates are going and that will bring some fun and help to uni :).

thanks for the encouragement and help :D. just wish schooling was free <_< lol.

thanks hak5'ers :P

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sup bro!

I'm 20 almost 21 and live in Queensland. I'm currently studying IT (coming up to end of 2nd year). I do 5 subjects (uni 2 days) and work 3 days (help desk for a software company). IT is pretty straight forward shit. I don't rate the degree. Mind you I have little interest in continuing down the path of IT or any job that'll bind me the living in IQ40 heartland, the cities. I'm just getting a degree and getting gone. I'm also doing a ccna as some of my uni subjects as electives. I guess one needs to choose a path. I'm not sure how uni applications work down there. However, I'd look for a job and if that fails goto uni. In my work place the two youngest guys (aside form me) seem to be the most ahead in the IT team aside as they started right out of school and the company trusts them from the manager and 2ic. However, having little formal qualifications binds you to a company. As it can be hard for your next employer to rate your skills. Then again lots of iq40's at uni. I wouldn't write off tafe either. If anything tafe students are forced to learn so you end up at least knowing things. Rather than just knowing how to BS your way to a pass (4's open doors).

If anything you need to find out where you want to go. you did mention somewhere in IT. However, that aint almost good enough otherwise you'll just float around on the bottom and likely join a union or something silly. I wouldn't worry about hecs/help you'd probably never earn over the amount needed haha. Pick a path and try it if it fails try something else. Keep in mind the IT is very broad so a guess don't just think of it as a computer screen a blob in front of it battling away.

I've spent a fair amount of time doing alot of not much however I guess it helps me choose my path. However, this is essentially time wasted.

finished year 12 in 2006 just turned 17.

6 months IT at uni (passed) and part time labouring

6 months full-time labourer

6 months Town planning at uni (passed 3 out of 4 (being an easy class but I was too slack to showup)) and part time labouring

6 months of working (labouring, boxing software for a company and helping on a harvest)

6 months of a plumbing apprenticeship (got a mod 1)

6 months which consisted of 1 month holiday in the usa, a few months helping dad on his new farm and another harvest

6 months at uni doing IT/IT work (got credit for my 3 from town planning and my previous IT subjects and studied 5 this semester)

I'm currently studying another lot of 5 IT subjects and intend on finishing my degree next year with two lots of 4 subjects. I'm doing a 5th subject this semester which is CCNA which is an out of interest thing. I'm also still working, they offered me a full-time job but I had to turn it down as finishing my degree is priority one.

Anyhow, why have opted to finish an IT degree with all the nerds at uni. Well after 3 years with nothing to show another 2 to complete a degree which will show some sort of commitment is probably not the worst deal. There is also a few things I need to get done in this city before I part. At the end of the day it is probably worthwhile going to uni as it gives you more options so if you are unsure more options is probably what you want.

I have shit writing and what not. Hell, my brain compartment is pretty fucked. I work uni like this. I walk into the exam with as close to 50% as i can get and anything i get on the exam is a bonus. It doesn't matter if I know the content, I need to be articulate it onto paper and well that's something that needs to happen in the life. a PC is no saviour to that. As I have grown older the uni work has gotten significantly easier.

Then again i'm only a few months older than you.

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thanks for the help Deags :P

i'm actually doing my diploma at a TAFE :P and yeah i've thought about going stright into a job. the pain in the ass thing about getting a job in IT is experience. i know what to do and how to do it, its just people are so... (mainly HR people) don't take into account what the qualifications i have actually are. they only want someone who has done every single thing IT with experience and have the qualifications.

where i am at the moment, the biggest employer of IT staff is Bendigo Bank, since i am in Bendigo lol, but getting a job in there is hard enough as it is (besides going to uni and some industry based learning). most employers where i am, like i said, want experience and even with that... they rarely employ.

sigh :(, just better off moving to Melbourne haha. kinda sucks that i've always hated school as kid and i had to go and chose the profession that involves me doing the most schooling >_<. anyway...

i guess i got nothing else to do (as it seems) besides my 3 - 4 hours a week job in a bottle shop (fml lol). glad i posted this, cause you have all gave me a great insight into uni :P might end up going :D.

thanks guys. if thers any girls, thanks also :P

as promised, cookie :P


lol i suck, i know >_<.

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Get your degree and get a relevant job while in school. When you graduate you will have a degree and experience, that will put you above everyone else graduating at the same time as you. Both are needed.

hmmm sounds like a plan :D.

at the uni i was thinking of going to, they have a ICT help desk where i can work in and get $$$ :P

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