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Pneapple Ssid

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I cant seem to change the essid of my pineapple. I can change it in xwrt to whatever I want, but when I search for wireless AP's the essid "pineapple" still shows up and not what I changed it to. Upon cutting the power and rebooting the pineapple, the essid in xwrt shows pineapple and did not save the changes. And yes, I clicked "save changes" at the bottom on the screen in xwrt

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In some of the web interfaces for openwrt, can't remember about xwrt, you have to save the change on the page then actually commit it, did you do both? It should be obvious if you have to, there will be something saying changes pending.

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just have to log in on the x-wrt > wireless > scroll down > type in a new ssid > save changes > apply changes > give the da pineapple time to load it up > refresh your wirelss connections and there yea go...

took a min for me to log into x-wrt.. as the instructions that come with it don't exactly say how to do so..

I got it to work, but I am still trying to figure out how to manually change the /etc/config/wireless file. Good thing the gui page worked for now tho...

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