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Inside Newegg's Nj Warehouse


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Earlier today I was googling to find the address of Newegg's warehouse in Edison NJ when I found this link, and when I looked through, I thought to myself: I want to live here!

Knowing that probably everybody here visits newegg daily, it would be cool to see inside the warehouse.



The packing peanut ventilation system is the coolest thing ever!

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oh, i thought this was a new look inside their warehouse. i got all excited. i remember seeing this years ago. awesome place.... FUCKIN LOVE NEWEGG B)

imagine getting a 10 min shopping spree inside that warehouse!!

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Newegg is the shiz!

Bought a new (not refurb) HP Mini from there several months back, plus a card of 2GB DDR2 RAM for it and a carrying sleeve.

Total price.........less than if I'd bought just the exact same Mini from HP's website EVEN WITH the HP employee purchase "discount" price I was getting through my employer!

I can't imagine getting to go through their warehouse. Like a candystore for hardware geeks! :wub:

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