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Wpa Psk Hastables


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Hi all,

I need a clearer vision ; what I've found by searching wpa(2)-psk hashtable are :

- churchwifi 7 Gb set,

- churchwifi 33 Gb set

- and ~330 Gb (165 files*2gb) at http://www.offensive-security.com/wpa-tables/

Questions :

Is the 7Gb set useless when I have the 33 Gb set ?

There are no seeders for the offensive-security torrents : do you know where I can download them somethere ? Or paid ?..


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WPA keys are salted based on the SSID of the access point. All of these tables are based on common SSIDs, so if you have a target in mind you may save a lot of time using; http://www.wpacracker.com/ (which will work on any SSID)

If the access point does have a common SSID you'll want to make sure its included with the tables you download.

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The website works by using a very large CPU cluster (400 to be exact) to run dictionary attacks against the WPA handshake. Since he is not using rainbow tables (a.k.a. hash tables/time memory trade-off) the salted keys aren't a problem.

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I just want to get the more rainbow tables I can to be able to crack WPAs when I travel.

For example when I found a WPA on a linksys SSID, I can crack it only if I have the hastable "linksys".

So I just ask where I can get the offensive-security tables.. but it does not seem to be easy..

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http://wpacracker.com is really awesome but it's not guaranteed to work and it costs money for every pcap file you submit.

Running a dictionary file is never guaranteed to work. Bruce forcing on the other hand, may be guaranteed but will take a very long time to crack the WPA Hashes, depending on how much computational power you have.

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