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Fps World Record Attempt


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That is really insane!

"They said they had been hoping for 60 hours, but John-Paul, 19, dozed off at the screen and his friends decided to finish at the same time"

I can't even spend 4 hours playing C&C, image 60 hours.

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Well I haven't posted on this forum in a while, since I last spoke to Harrison (not sure if he's still doing stuff with Darren etc. as I know he only did a few episodes in season 1) - Dave (Mr Grim) linked me to this topic and thought I'd post and say it was me and a couple of other people who did the record attempt. We had a lot of fun doing it, and yup, I reckon we could've done it for much longer had Johnny not decided to use his breaks for playing WoW each day (something about getting an achievement/medal etc. for it) and then falling asleep on Sunday morning :(.

Trystan is thinking of doing a 100 hour stint on Left 4 Dead 2 to break the record for longest time playing any video game, which *is* pretty hardcore...the guy was up for 66 hours before he had any sleep when we did the marathon, and he hadn't even had any caffine, the guy is a machine...

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